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Now Featuring Advanced Cutting Options
We have thrilling news that will take your printing and cutting projects to a whole new level. Say hello to our newly arrived, state-of-the-art Laser cutter and Laser engraver, now with added functions for even more versatility.

More possibilities with Our New

Laser Cutter

& Laser Engraver

Laser Cutter

CCD Contours Precise Contour Cutting: Achieve intricately detailed shapes and designs with pinpoint accuracy.


Cut Thick Materials:

Capable of cutting up to 50mm Acrylic, 2mm Stainless Steel, 20mm MDF and Plywood, providing you with a wide range of projects.


Max Cutting Size of 2500x1250mm:

Need large-scale projects? No worries, our machine can handle it!


Laser Engraver

Marking range:

200 x 200mm


Minimum line width:



Cylindrical Laser Marking System:

max diameter 100mm


Letter height:

minimum 0.5mm

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